We strive to empower young people to survive life’s stressors, navigate tough choices, and achieve personal fulfillment by offering free services that link them and their families to the help they choose.

We seek to demonstrate to teens, young adults, and their families that help and hope are within reach.

We can build safe paths to adulthood, together.


Aidan Sweet was a beautiful, kind, funny, insightful, whip-smart kid. He was just seventeen years old when his mother, Margaret, found him in his room one summer morning, lifeless. The night before, he had taken sleeping pills to help himself rest, not realizing they were laced with fentanyl.

Margaret’s fiercest wish is that Aidan still shared the world with her, but her next wish is that no one else will suffer as she and Aidan, and all those who love them, have. 

Aidan Sweet Isintu Foundation was established in 2020 in loving memory of Aidan James Sweet, who is dearly missed by all who knew him.


The Zulu people of South Africa have a word for humankind or humanity that has greater meaning than those terms do in English.

Isintu refers to the special interactions among people which make each person involved in the exchange feel more connected, more fulfilled, and more whole.

We believe that isintu is manifest in the compassion and strength we are all capable of giving one another, and that it is the way to transform lives and communities.


Margaret Sweet
Founder & President

Kay Lekoma
Vice President

Michelle Spearman
Director of Operations

Psalm Murefu
Director of Marketing

Frederick Agbottah
Board of Directors

Katherine Place
Secretary / Treasurer