Who we are.

We are parents, grandparents, siblings and friends who care deeply about the mental and physical well-being of teens and young adults facing the frightening prospect of dependency, addiction and overdose. We believe no family should be forced to endure the anguish of irreversible consequences.

What we do.

We raise funds to support Madison non-profits that maximize every dollar in helping teens and young adults recover from substance use disorder and addiction.

Help is all around you.

Hotlines offer free, immediate, confidential, 24-hour contact with trained counselors and specialists:

Rehabilitation services in Madison range from intervention clinics to full-service, residential recovery centers. Locations are tagged as (C)entral, (E)ast, or (W)est:

Hope is right here.

Maybe you would like a partner while considering your options or taking a step towards recovery. Contact us to start a conversation with someone who cares.

We know how it feels. We have been there. It is why we are here.

Join us in a cause worth fighting for.

You are invited to our spring fundraiser, held in honor of Aidan’s 21st birthday, and in memory of his beautiful spirit. 

Savor an evening of South African sippables, six courses of delectable canapés, and a silent auction of exotic gifts. 

Our fundraising focus is Madison’s smallest non-profit recovery center, which routinely operates at a loss. Its special mission is to serve people with substance use disorder who lack private health insurance.

Funding this gap secures life-saving, local treatment for those who have the fewest options. It brings more Madison teens and young adults to treatment, recovery and hope.

Fund-The-Gap Spring Fundraiser

Saturday, April 20, 6:00 – 9:00 pm

Goodman Community Center

Follow your heart!