Who we are.

We are parents who care deeply about the mental and physical well-being of teens and young adults facing the frightening prospect of addiction and overdose.

What we do.

We strive to empower young people to survive life’s stressors, navigate tough choices, and achieve personal fulfillment by offering free services that link them and their families to the treatment help they choose.

Help is all around you.

Hotlines offer free, immediate, confidential, 24-hour contact with trained counselors and specialists:

Rehabilitation services in Madison range from intervention clinics to full-service, residential recovery centers. Locations are tagged as (C)entral, (E)ast, or (W)est:

Hope is right here.

Maybe you would like a partner while considering your options or taking the next step towards well-being. If so, text or call 1 (855) MY-AIDAN to start a conversation with someone who cares.

We know how it feels. We have been there. This is why we are here.